Is it a school day?


Most days, sometime between waking and lunchtime, Robin will ask, “Is it a school day?” He lives life so fully in the present that clues such as dressing in his uniform of grey shorts and white polo shirt or watching tv for an hour after breakfast, aren’t compelling enough to answer the question for him.


Walking with Gabe down the road, even in silence, is an insight into his personality. When he walks alongside you, he nudges and butts your side. His line veers into yours like a train track making repeated junctions. Ahead, he walks at a pace that leaves you shortening your stride to avoid his heels and ankles. And if behind, he bumps and clips your legs with his bag. There’s a need to have his presence acknowledged, to be reassured that you know he’s about.


The infant school’s Got Talent show returns. Eliza has had the idea that she could perform a solo gymnastics routine. But that is a challenge to her shyness. So, Eliza has written L a note before going to bed asking for help being brave enough to do gymnastics at the show. L provides the support and all is set for next week.


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