Most talented


Emboldened by L’s support, Eliza entered her school’s got talent competition today. She performed a gymnastics routine that included crab, kick over, splits and box splits. She was the first through the heats in her class and was one of 17 acts to go before the school this afternoon. Reports thereafter are sketchy, but the panel of judges comprising head teacher, governor and volunteer classroom assistant gave third place to two reception girls with hoola-hoops; second place to two year one singers; and first to Eliza the gymnast. She was awarded a big cup, which she held before the school, and has had to leave there as it can’t be brought home.


Robin competed too. He and two friends each told a joke – Robin’s being: “Knock, knock.” “Who’s there?” “Doctor”. “Doctor who?” ” You just said it!” Overwhelmed perhaps by the performance, and perhaps by his sister’s triumph, he became tearful while Eliza told L of her success.


Tomorrow Gabe is due to complete his transfer to a new football team. The change keeps him within the same club but moving from the Jets, the top team for his age group, to the Eagles, the fourth team. The switch has come at his own initiative. A big decision, bravely and calmly taken. He’s realised he would prefer to play with his school friends, members of the Eagles. He is also conscious that he is not playing at the same high level as his Jets teammates. He has put enjoyment before kudos.


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