Signature hairdo


Eliza’s race to grow hair down to her bum is being frustrated by the lengthening of her back. Anyway style, as much as length, is increasingly the focus. She likes plaits, top knot and French plait. She likes to avoid pony tails. She has developed her own signature hairdo, involving her hair being twisted and pinned on top of her head.


Gabe made a goal-scoring debut for his new team, the Eagles, ending a two year drought without a goal. He followed it up with a second in his next match. He’s been played in central midfield, up front and at right back. He’s had the freedom to run with the ball and has used his passing ability to create space and chances for his teammates. Most important of all, he has been relaxed and playing with a smile on his face.


Robin devours apples, eating four between school and bedtime one day last week. He’s a very thorough eater. He knaws and sucks the apple right down to a slither of stalk and stringy core.



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  1. […] has had her hair cut for the first time in over three years. It ends her quest to grow it down to her bottom and came as she gave way to frustration at how tangled it got and the time she had to spend […]


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