Head Boy


At the leavers’ assembly on the last day of term, the ‘jobs’ were handed out to the year 5 pupils. Gabe had expressed a hope to be football captain, though what he really wanted I can’t be sure. It does seem as though he wasn’t expecting the top job, as the music teacher had to prod him from his place amongst the recorder players to go to the stage for the handover from this year’s Head Boy. Duties are a little vague, but do include a lot of public speaking at school events and assemblies.


Immediately school broke up for the summer, L and the kids headed to London, joining me, to visit friends. There Eliza met up with S, our friends’ seven year old daughter. There ensued extreme, competitive, co-operative, demonstration monkey bars in Hampstead Heath playground. S matched Eliza swing for swing and the two girls revelled in their common ability to traverse the playground, hanging by their hands.


It’s the holidays and Gabe sleeps in and Eliza reads to herself in the mornings. Robin heads to me when he wakes up. He cuddles for a few minutes, but is too awake to settle. Sometimes he tries to start a conversation. One morning this week he asked, “Daddy, why don’t you put your shoes away? It makes Mummy very cross.” Another morning, my day began with the challenge of understanding what lay behind the question, “Daddy, how did ants live in the First World War?’


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