First came their home, the gerbilarium, a three storey wire and plastic cage. Gabe, Eliza and Robin sat around it, imagining how it would be inhabited. Over a week later, the gerbils came. Three eight week old brothers, bought from a different store of the Pets at Home chain that had supplied the unlucky Sandy. Gabe was particulary conflicted about this: he so wanted a gerbil, but so distrusted any store that had sold us Eliza’s short-lived hamsters.

Romano (light gold, with a white patch on his back), Bayjay (darker gold) and Silver, belonging respectively to Gabe, Eliza and Robin. Better than telly, said Eliza, about watching them skitter about the cage. After three days they were judged to be settled enough to be handled. We took the gerbilarium to the bathroom and placed it in the empty bath. First to emerge was Bayjay, who slithered and slid around Eliza and my hands before running circuits around the bath. Silver came next, nipping at fingers, too agitated for Robin to hold comfortably, driving him to tears. Romano stayed buried in the wood shavings. He debuted two days later, giving Gabe, the most nervous of pet owners, the thrill of a hold and stroke. Silver, still apt to lead with the teeth, made up a little with Robin. Eliza, with an air of experience, had a play with Bayjay.


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  1. […] as death took hold. L described him as looking like McNulty when Kima was shot on The Wire. Of our three gerbils, only Romano […]


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