Morning has broken


Throughout the summer holidays, Eliza’s reedy voice has been singing the opening verse of Morning Has Broken. Gabe has told her that it is the audition tune for the choir at the junior school she joins this month. And if Gabe is in earshot of her singing, he sharply interrupts her to criticise her singing. She kept practising all summer and the day of the audition looms.


Gabe has become interested in swearing. Fortunately not doing the swearing himself, at least in my earshot, but his interest is in knowing the outlawed words. He has asked me what the f-word means. ‘Sex’, I said. Gabe tells me that his friend K has told him the worst word of all. He won’t say it, but it’s spelt ‘c-o-n-t’. ‘Nearly’, I conceded.


Robin came out of his first day of school in year 1 looking upset. L asked him what was the matter. His response: he was missing Eliza as he can’t see her now she’s moved up to the other school.


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  1. […] didn’t make it into the school choir. But she always has a song on the go, which gets sung repeatedly. Right now, we hear the first […]


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