The benefits of having an older sister

Sunday afternoon, Robin, Eliza and I headed to a new park. For almost an hour, Robin and Eliza played in the warm September sunshine. Seamlessly, their games evolved from total wipe out to pirate ship to daredevil jumps to potion making to tickle monster as they roved from stepping stones, to climbing frame, to grassy knoll and to tree stumps. The games had imaginative elements that needed to be spoken to come to life, led by Eliza and keenly joined by Robin. With the space, the sun and the goodwill of the occasion, they negotiated each other and each other’s suggestions, keeping the games moving forward, without dissension.

As I watched, and played an occasional part, I saw clearly the socialising inflence of the seven year old sister on the five year old brother – playing active games without the jostling and competing for prominence that characterises young boys’ games.

We left the park to pick up L and Gabe from a shopping chore, but one that made Gabe happy, too, as he had bought himself the new Man City kit.

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