393 and all that

Grammar School Central, our local selective school, held its entrance exam on Saturday – the third in Gabe’s autumn odyssey. This time his nerves were frayed, probably because this is the school he prefers and he sees the immediacy of the challenge if he is to achieve that goal. He showed some upset during the days running up to the exam and needed reassurance: that he should be confident, that if things didn’t go well he wasn’t letting anyone down.

Early on Saturday morning, L walked him across town. At the school, they joined the queue. Gabe became aware that he was rubbing his hands and asked L why he was doing it. ‘Is it helping you?’ she asked. ‘Yes’. ‘Then keep doing it.’ And then for L and me, three plus hours of detachment – a little like waiting for surgery to finish.

L picked him up and having wind of the publication of Grammar School West’s results, drove home, persuaded Gabe to stay in the car, unlocked the door and found the letter. Her plan to keep it secret if unfavourable was shelved. Gabe had sailed over the pass mark on his way to 393. Then quickly to a pizza lunch with friends and on to one of their homes to glory in the freedom from multiple choice tests and the baking October weather. Four examinees (and three little ones) burnt off their stress and frustration, and for Gabe maybe some elation, with an afternoon-long water fight with pistols, pool and slide.


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  1. […] sets of results in three days, and two more comfortable passes, for Grammar South and Grammar Central, the secondary school of choice for Gabe, L and me. Gabe got the latter result well into the […]


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