Elastic girl


Eliza can twist her hip and leg so her right foot ends up behind her right ear. She can lie on her front on the ground and jackknife her head and legs upwards so her toes meet her forehead. She can do one-handed cartwheels. She can do a walk-over: from a standing start, bend over backwards until her hands are on the floor, then kick her feet up so her legs wheel all the way over and push up with her hands as her feet land, leaving her standing up. And through the satisfaction and elation of exploring the potential of her body, Eliza practises these moves over and over again.


In recent weeks, Robin has been waking early – around 6am. He makes his way into L and my room and to my side of the bed. He climbs in and wraps himself around the top half of my body. He lies like that, breathing heavily, sometimes testing if my eyes are open. Very occasionally he’ll fall asleep. Most usually, I’ll walk him back to his room, or if he can keep quiet and awake, he’ll stay until I accompany him downstairs at the sound of my alarm or his complaints of hunger.


Gabe is the least confident of the kids with the gerbils. When they are let out to run around the shower room, Gabe perches on the toilet seat. He has Eliza pick up Romano for him and hold him briefly before putting him down. He’s frantic and high-pitched if they seem to be trying to escape their cage.


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  1. […] mornings Robin has been seeking me out, nudging me to make space in bed, wriggling , waking and keeping me awake. Last week I instructed him to stay in his own bed until the right time and offered him a reward if […]


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