Young grammarian


Two sets of results in three days, and two more comfortable passes, for Grammar South and Grammar Central, the secondary school of choice for Gabe, L and me. Gabe got the latter result well into the evening after football practice. He was delighted and ever so chirpy. All sorts of hopes and plans for the next phase of his schooling came tumbling out, suppressed up until now for fear he may not have achieved the pass mark. Understandably, he marvelled at his maths score, which, allowing for the inscrutability of the score normalisation process, looked a lot like 100%.


Eliza’s skinniness makes her look fragile, but not frail. She showed her wiry strength when arm wrestling with Gabe. She pushed his arm to the carpet with very little struggle, despite his several years and stone advantage.


Robin has been a proper member of the football club since September, playing in its under 6 squad. With that comes the right to club kit. L took him to the local sports shop to order the kit (small, small and small), which was to be presented to the squad one Saturday morning. Each night and often in the morning and during the day, Robin asked how many days it would be until he got his kit (squad number 30). Naturally cautious, I gave long lead times, but several of these came and went. Finally, on Saturday the kits were handed out. Robin changed into his immediately he got home, wore it again on Sunday, after school on Monday and tomorrow gets to wear it at football practice for the first time.


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