Night terrors


Four times in the past few weeks, Robin has got out of bed and wandered around upstairs, distressed and out-of-reach of L and my communication. He seems to be sleeping or responding to a dream. He mutters, not making sense to us, will hug us briefly and most recently was shaking with chattering teeth. We’re not really able to console him, but with encouragement he will lie down and goes back to sleep.


Three months after the match started, Gabe completed a tennis game with his friend R. Time had run out on them in the third set when playing before the summer holidays.Freed from eleven plus duties, Gabe arranged to play again. Such is the thoroughness with which they approach competition, they decided to complete their unfinished match, rather than start anew.


With a half-term in junior school under her belt, Eliza appears more confident and assertive. In the top group of a mixed class of year 3 and 4 pupils, she seems to be developing a wider group of friends and having a greater say in what they play, rather than dutifully following, as had happened in the past. She’s also cheeky and demanding at home.


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