For the second year running, Eliza’s birthday party was shaped around trampolining. The most changed aspect of the party was Eliza herself. Visibly more self-confident, Eliza sat happily and at ease amongst her friends at tea. Where before she was overshadowed by some of her louder, more insistent friends, now she handles them and engages with a wider group of girls. The party was a success.

On her birthday, Eliza took part in her school’s musical performance afternoon (soiree). She played a piano piece well, but L said she had looked as though she was shaking when getting ready to play.


Gabe missed Eliza’s party as he spent that afternoon, as well as the evening and night with a friend as a birthday event. Gabe was nervous about the sleep-over because of his snoring. He sought reassurance: yes, I said, it is loud, but it doesn’t go on for very long. His friends either didn’t hear him or were discrete as there was no mention, or teasing of him for snoring.


Robin can whistle. His repertoire is limited, consisting almost exclusively of the Harry Potter theme tune, which for much of the weekend can be used to locate him around the house.


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