World Championships of Trampolining and Tumbling

The week-long celebration of Eliza’s birthday ended with a trip to Birmingham to take in the World Championships.


Eliza, fittingly as the intended beneficiary, was the most engaged of the kids by the action. She was happiest when watching from a position on L’s lap and so able to natter to her Mum. Her highlight may have been the visit to the kit shop at the arena. She tried on several leotards and blew her birthday money on a black outfit with silver and purple swirls.


Gabe was made anxious by the visit to the arena, the crowds at the Christmas market and by the stay at the hotel with partying youths in a nearby room. He relaxed and revelled in the trip to Brum’s Sea Life Centre, dashing between exhibits and lapping up fishy learning.


Robin’s thrills were a slide down a helter-skelter at the Christmas market and a climb to the nose-bleed seats at the top of the arena. He stayed up late and woke early at the hotel and didn’t stop moving until we began the drive home, which he slept through (but denied).



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