And the overall winner is..


Eliza went one better than last year at her gymnastic class’s competition. Second in the vault, first in the floor exercise (scoring 9 point something) and overall winner. L had a word with the teacher after the event: couldn’t Eliza be given some more stretching activities? Her walk-over and cartwheel spring (where she lands on both feet together) are self-taught.


“Bonkers”. This is Robin’s verbal response to frustration and self-admonishment, although it seems to deflect real upset. I’ve not been able to trace it’s source. Unlike “soz”, which, as an apology, has transferred from his brother.


Hormones are stirring. Currently, it’s the ones that create male body odours. L has equipped him with a natural deoderant and we are both on alert at bathtime to ensure there is a thorough scrubbing to efface the smelly bateria.


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