Elected representative


Robin is his class’s representative on school council, having won the most votes cast by the boys in his class. He gets to wear a metal badge on his school jumper, although he finds it a challenge to remember where the badge is each morning. His reports of school council meetings are sketchy, but he has mentioned a manifesto to do with football in the playground.


Gabe described how a girl in his class has a talent for twisting her arm. Eliza followed the instructions: place hand palm down on a table; rotate hand 180 degrees so it is palm up; rotate again in the same direction so it is palm down again. It turns out she has the same talent. That far it is a curious sight, which becomes freaky when she lifts her hand off the table and her arm twists back into place.


The enthusiasm for Harry Potter endures. Gabe has completed a full second re-reading of the series of books. He moves around the house reading and has found that the bathroom sink’s taps will hold the larger novels open so he can continue reading while he brushes his teeth.


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  1. Arm twisting, i’ve seen a fair share myself… and some gets pretty freaky. lol!


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