The Great Unwrapping

The family, including aunt, uncle and little cousin F, assembled in the living room on Christmas morning, considered the pile of presents spreading out from under the tree and went to work.


Robin put on his roller-blades straightaway and cruised along the hall and around the kitchen for much of the morning. After a trip to the park on the blades, the Nerf gun took over. He spent the afternoon in combat shooting the grown-ups at point-blank range and then from sniper positions. Cousin F assisted, retrieving the foam bullets.


Eliza also got new wheels, a scooter, that she rode to the park alongside Robin and ahead of Cousin F whose bike had been painstakingly assembled by the men. A watch and stripy, romper suit pyjamas were other early favourites.


Christmas was an opportunity to equip Gabe for his return to cricket. Gloves, pads, box and helmet – the last, unfathomably, too small and requiring replacement. He tried them all on eagerly but I wasn’t able to arrange for him to use them in action, which disappointed him.

He also took charge of the family DVD present: the last Harry Potter film and the early series of Outnumbered, which he has alighted on as his favourite programme. The appeal perhaps the sight of children besting their parents and some gentle swearing.


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