First footing


Gabe showed his increasing staying up stamina by seeing in the New Year in St Andrews with grandparents, uncle, aunt, L and me. He spent the evening with the adults playing cards and word games, before we sat in a darkened conservatory cooing at the golf club’s firework display above the town.


Grandma took L, Eliza and R to a pantomime – Aladdin. Eliza was thrilled, participating in the hissing and shouting, charmed that the story could hinge on the audience’s response (it took their crossing of fingers to free the genie from the cave) and tickled at recognising men dressed as women, wholly oblivious to cliché and irony.


Robin had the chance to take part in a football tournament with other teams of 5-6 year olds from across the region. The text invitation made much of scores not being kept and the non-competitive environment. Nonetheless his team was rewarded for winning all of their matches with the award of a trophy for best squad. Robin played his part alongside several teammates already training with local Premier League academies.


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