Wrong way Robin


Over-heated and in the thick of his second match at football practice, Robin won the ball on the half-way line. He paused, put his foot on the ball, turned and began dribbling at pace with teammates and opponents in his wake. There were a few shouts of ‘wrong way’, but Robin pressed on until seeing his own goalkeeper in front of him he veered left and cleared the ball from his own attack. Stung with embarrassment, he threw himself back into the game and scored a goal following another strong, this time correctly orientated, run.


Eliza wears her school skirt as a mini-skirt. L reassured me: she has adopted that style so her legs are free for cartwheeling.


Gabe’s snoring has been silenced. An ENT physician looked up his nose then gave him four allergy spot tests. Within minutes, one of the tests had raised a red wheal on Gabe’s arm. “That’s great news”, the physician claimed, “dust mites. The only allergy that you can remove. And you can tell your Father that you cannot clean your room, as it could make it worse.” Prescribed a nasal spray and anti-histemine, within days Gabe’s sleep became quiet.


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