A rich and varied existence

Saturday afternoon was an exemplar of the privilege and opportunity that can come with being a child in our comfortable corner of north-west England.


Robin went with his under-six football team to the Liverpool FC academy. For two hours, the boys played on a large indoor pitch, while outside sleet and dark descended. The academy coaches ran skills sessions, before organising a series of matches within the squad. All the time, experienced eyes were assessing the merits of the five and six year olds. Several parents were taken away from the pitch to another type of pitch: to get their talented sons to join the Liverpool academy.



Gabe was part of a group of schoolmates taking part in a friend’s birthday treat in Oldham. The boys went to a converted industrial building to play laser tag. They were equipped with guns that fired light beams and let loose in an indoor battle-field with obstacles, fox holes, rubble and a graveyard. Shots were rationed and hits recorded as the boys waged hi-tech warfare in teams to eliminate or capture their opponents.



Eliza took part in a concert in a large and local church hall, organised by her piano teacher. Eliza played first in a rookie string quartet, attracting comment from the audience for being by far the smallest member. Then after an interval, she distinguished herself for courage, as well as musicality, playing a solo piece on the piano.


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  1. […] and Eliza joined twenty other of their music teacher’s students for a concert in a local church hall. Eliza played a solo piece on violin. On an afternoon of scratchy, discordant strings, Eliza hit […]


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