Eliza is capable of dense sessions of reading, usually in bed. This week she has finished two Roald Dahl novels (BFG and The Witches) in single gulps, coming downstairs long after her bedtime to let us know another book has been completed.


Gabe made his return to competitive cricket, playing for Sale in an indoor 8-a-side competition. Of potential significance was that I was coach. But it seemed to neither inhibit nor embarrass him. It was no dream reintroduction: he bowled one complete over of wides and another with four wides. All ten signalled by me. I could see the angst in him, but couldn’t do much to help. He recovered and played some nice strokes when batting.


Some wise words from Robin:
[Early morning. Robin has climbed into bed with me.]
R: Will you be embarrassed when you’re bald?
Me: No
R: I would be. I’d wear a hat.

Robin on national dietary differences:
English people eat the most crisps of anyone in the world. In Switzerland, they eat the most chocolate.. at every meal, like we have ham.

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