Historical haircut


Eliza has had her hair cut for the first time in over three years. It ends her quest to grow it down to her bottom and came as she gave way to frustration at how tangled it got and the time she had to spend brushing it to keep it tidy. Taken by L to a hairdresser for the occasion, she also seemed to enjoy the attention. It now ends below her shoulders, long enough still for a pony tail.


When Robin and I spend time together, conversation from his side has a distinctive pattern. Every sentence, every phrase, often repeated, begins with an urgently stated ‘Daddy’. I might hear my name a dozen times in a minute. It’s humbling to be addressed so intensively, as though my being there needs to be articulated over and over.


Gabe fitted three days of multi-sports camp, a football match, football training and a cricket match into the first part of his half-term holiday. Buoyed by this organised exercise, he and Robin played competitive, fun-filled football in the garden at home and on our visit to the grandparents. The games were rough, even dirty, but accompanied by lots of laughter and pleasure in their own and each other’s play.



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