Degree of difficulty


After months of performing more advanced gymnastics in the living room than at her gym club, Eliza was moved to a new class following some prompting by L. She went along for the first time tonight. The two hour class began with a lengthy conditioning session. Then onto bar, vault and rope. A far more physically demanding class, Eliza ached all over at the end. L said she looked enthralled and she did seem excited although said she was annoyed that she couldn’t do everything they practised.


World Book Day was transformed by the junior school into a day to come to school dressed for sport. Gabe went as a cricketer. He came downstairs for breakfast in his whites and padded up for his cereal. Gloves and helmet went on for the trip to school. He stayed in the full kit all day at school, only taking his helmet off for lunch and recorder lesson.


In place of a bedtime story this week, Robin has opted for games of connect-4. He’s keeping in nick for an ongoing breaktime competition with his classmates. He explained today that his next game is four days away. Robin’s described how the matches attract an audience who whisper and chat about what the next move should be.

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  1. […] Connect-4 has for weeks pushed reading aside, with a football book tolerated if L or I insist. Then Robin picked up and began reading one of the Astrosaurs series. We have read them to him before and they come with Gabe’s recommendation. But this reading is focused and outcome orientated. He updates me regularly on his page number. He read to himself in a whisper on the landing on Saturday when he woke before he was allowed downstairs. Now he’s finished his first book and started another. Yet, I’m not sure how much he understands. […]


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