That’s the life


Robin had his scheduled egg challenge at the hospital and cleared each hurdle: egg placed on his lip, egg mixed with chocolate mousse and egg with bread. He was monitored for over three hours, but no signs of ill effects showed. Increasingly restless – and hungry – he was happy to break out of the ward, to the outdoor play area where we played ‘three and in’ with an under-inflated basketball. “This is the life,” he enthused.

Eventually discharged, he celebrated with chips and ribena in the hospital cafeteria. Cake waits for another day. We talked about how patients stay overnight at hospital so nurses and doctors have to stay awake to look after them. “That’s not the life,” he reasoned.


Is this the life for Eliza? Taken by a friend’s mother for cake at Starbucks in the Trafford Centre and then a trip to the haberdashery department of a store. Girly but grown-up, civilised but gauche. I think she would prefer to be turning cartwheels.


Gabe’s life is punctuated with high pressure moments. To the entrance exams, Cup Finals, music exams and singing competitions is now added playing the piano to the mayor and an audience of 80 at a charity concert. He looked like he was about to faint as he prepared for the piece, The Military Minuet, but pulled it off well.


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