A day of mini-dramas

Soon after breakfast, Eliza noticed that Baejae was scratching and nibbling himself, sometimes spinning in an effort to get at the irritant on his underside.

Gabe and I left for his first cricket match of the season and first competitive hard-ball game. His team batted first, he opened and faced first ball. That ball deflected from bat to pad, unluckily onto his stumps. In under ten overs, his team was dismissed for ten runs, eight of them without scoring. Gabe took a wicket – bowled – but there was little for the team to cheer and indeed they looked broken as their opponents batted through their 20 overs.

Eliza and Robin were taken to a friend’s house, as much to take Eliza’s mind off Baejae’s continuing discomfort as for the company.

L picked Gabe up from the match and rushed him to his football team’s Cup Semi-Final. His team trailed twice, but equalised – the second time in the final minute of the match, taking the game to extra time. Gabe stayed on the pitch throughout, looking more and more tired. Extra time was scoreless and so the tie was to be decided on penalties. The score was 2-2 when Gabe took his penalty and lifted it expertly into the top corner. But in sudden death, a teammate fired at their keeper and the game was lost. Two sporting disappointments borne in a matter of hours.

L had researched vets open on a Sunday. Eliza, Baejae and I set off to a 24 hour vet service. Two of the families ahead of us in the waiting room left without the dogs they had come with, in tears. Another family brought in a wheelchair using alsation, leaking from its amputated rear legs and reaking, I imagined, of rotting flesh. It was queue-jumped out of the waiting room.

Young vet Tom diagnosed Baejae as suffering inflamed sebaceous glands, reckoning a parasite the most likely cause. Baejae sunk his teeth into Tom’s hand, so he quickly handed him back to Eliza. At home, we cleaned the cages, isolated Baejae from his brothers, and hamfistedly administered an anti-parasite drug and rodent antibiotic.

Meanwhile, Robin had helped L bake fairy cakes and then eaten his first proper cake since the official passing of his egg allergy.


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