Cala Gogo

Week two of our holiday was spent on the coast between Barcelona and France. Unlike the children, L and I spent hours gazing from our caravan on a steep hill above the bay and the beach where we played.


Robin led the way in the second week of our Spanish holiday. He won the gecko spotting contest, although Gabe doubted many of Robin’s claims. He was the most gung-ho at the water park we visited: riding the rapids on a tyre countless times and he was the only one to complete the Splash Mountain roller-coaster twice. He fell to the back of the pack on the racing water-slide, at which Gabe was the most rapid.


Most evenings were spent playing cards: pairs, go fish, black two and pontoon. Gabe may have been the most successful, but Eliza had the edge at shuffling and dealing.

Before cards, we played football. Gabe and I had an epic penalty shoot-out and one night we joined a group of Anglo-Germans for a match. First the adults were defeated and then, to Gabe’s great pleasure, he and Robin beat an Anglo-German pair 5-2.

A Spain kit had been Gabe’s sought after holiday item. One was spotted in a market, but I sent him fleeing in embarassment when I tried to negotiate a price with a stallholder who insisted the prices were not for haggling. I was unsuccessful, so he went back and paid the asking price, muttering about my idiocy. Robin, too found a Spain kit. Both were no.6, creating our TwIniestas.


Eliza was busy on our beach. She collected worn glass fragments, which are to be used in some creative project back at home. She also claimed a formation of granite rocks as her club, which Robin and then L and I were allowed to join. She and Robin clambered over these rocks, 5m high, in bare feet.

We hired a kayak for paddling about the bay. I took each of the kids out in turn. Only with Eliza did we achieve some co-ordinated paddling and so went out to the buoys marking the extent of the bay safe for bathing.

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