The Archbishop of Canterbury


As Headboy, Gabe had a prominent role in the end of year assembly. Sat on a stool in front of a lectern, he and the Headgirl introduced each of the classes as they set about performing their decade from the Queen’s reign. He was serious and proficient, without giving the sense of enjoying his role.

His class performed last. By contrast with the song and dance routines of the other classes, his reenacted the coronation. Gabe had kept his role a secret and appeared, to my surprise, dressed with mitre and frock as the Archbishop of Canterbury. He took the oath of office from the Queen and handed her an orb and sceptre.


I have resigned myself to hearing my children growing up speaking like their classmates, not like me. L has taken a more interventionist approach, targeting in particular the pronunciation of ‘th’. Repeated reinforcement by L eventually paid off as Robin has shed the ‘f’ sounding of ‘th’. Recently, he said that he was the only child in his class who didn’t say ‘th’ as ‘f’.


Eliza has started a bead collection. It’s this term’s fad at school, where beads are shown and swapped in the playground. Eliza lays them out in order of preference and wants to know which are L and my favourites, too.


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