Diving competition

Venue: East Sands Leisure Centre, St Andrews

Competition: Side of pool dive

Participants: Gabe, Eliza, Robin and me.

Gabe, a largely self-taught diver, has been teaching his younger siblings to dive. Robin had guidance in Spain and Eliza began her lessons on this trip to St Andrews. Quickly she advanced to competition status.

Gabe dives well. In Spain, his scores were limited by his legs not being kept together and bending at the knees. He corrected both of these technical issues in time for this event. He scored consistently highly, hindered only slightly by a bend at the waist.

Robin has always thrown himself into water. With Gabe’s tuition he has moved on from knee and belly-flopping. Robin tends to enter the water close to perpendicular and completes a forward roll as he goes under.

Eliza was making her first dives. To begin with, they were belly-flops as she pushed herself out across the water. But by the time of our second visit to the pool in a weekend, she was arcing into the water, with an elegant plop and barely a splash.

Gabe and Eliza were joint family champions. A week later, back at our local pool, Robin took the honours.


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