Eliza and Robin

Eliza and Robin are accomplished roller-bladers. Robin a little faster, Eliza the more elegant. They got their thrills in different ways on a recent skate around the neighbourhood.

Eliza picked leaves or petals as she bladed, shredded them and then threw them into the air as a magical trick that produced sparks. I was asked which colour sparks I would like to see and she hunted for material the right colour to complete her trick.

Robin’s thrill came to the call of ‘Antlers’. Dipping his head, protected by a helmet, he skated into a bush. The noise and feel of the twigs colliding with his helmet gave him the sense of having antlers.


Gabe has been left at home a handful of times for up to an hour when L or I have had to go out to collect the other two. More often than not, he asks to be left alone, then when granted the opportunity, reluctantly comes on whatever errand we are running. When I was going to see the last half-hour of Eliza’s gymnastics class, he asked to be left at home. I agreed and left him. It was getting dark – the first time he would have been by himself at home in the evening. Before I had reached the gym, I had two texts and a missed call on my phone. I called him from the gym car park. He asked me to come and pick him up. ‘No’, I replied. I struck a deal that he could stay but not have a shower until I was back.


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