Lucklaw Hill

We climbed Lucklaw Hill together. Gabe had asked if we could climb a hill and the other two came willingly. That surprised me; their good-spirited walking delighted and astonished me.

Taking the steepest route up, all three were excited by the views across Fife all the way to St Andrews. At the summit, Eliza wanted to be lifted onto the trig point for a photo to show L. They ate a mini-roll each in blasting wind. They ran together down a gentle slope to the wooded route of our descent, where Gabe led them on a another run.

There was no bad temper just a little anxiety. Gabe’s was whether we were allowed to walk where I led them. Eliza showed concern that we might fall from the steep slope into the quarry. Robin worried that a golden eagle may swoop and carry him away.

Back up the hill they dashed when I shouted ‘deer’ in time to see the bright white bottoms of the dark haired deer. Eliza sent Robin running away down a field clapping so she could test whether light travelled faster than sound. When I saw an eagle below us we crept down the hill to the road and followed the bird as it flew into the next field. For 15 minutes, they took turns to stare through my binoculars at a muddy field. I judged it better to allow them that than to contradict their opinion that they were observing the eagle. Then back to the car, with our lungs full of fresh air and ears empty of moans.


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