Champions League

Gabe and Robin

Connections at the junior school presented us with free tickets for Manchester City v Ajax. Gabe, for the first time in the five years since he sat with his hands over his ears throughout a game at the City of Manchester Stadium, was keen to go. Robin wanted to make his first visit – and probably watch a game all the way through for the first time.
Both were nervous about arriving on time and having found our seats ahead of kick-off, Gabe wouldn’t move. Situated at ground level by the corner flag, we found that seats were superfluous as everyone stood. This could have been a problem being in the second row, but we swapped for ‘seats’ next to the aisle and the boys watched the game from there.

City fell two behind, before a hooked volley by Yaya Toure from the penalty area in front of us began the City fight back. To our left, the Dutch fans kept up a drum-driven din and provocation of the City fans. The boys were both absorbed and Robin characteristically stayed silent when the opportunity for making noise was so great. City equalised, dominated with neat football, had two goals disallowed for off-side and a penalty appeal denied. The game was drawn and we left happier than most of the home fans – happy with the experience of going together to the game.


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