Building shelter


The junior school’s infamous Thursday afternoon ‘Options’ dealt Eliza two unappealing outdoor activities: leaf recognition and shelter building. The former did not exceed her expectations, but she loved the latter. The following weekend Eliza took us to the wood where her class had gathered branches and logs to create their shelters. In a gap between two large trunks Robin and I helped her build another, with which she was equally delighted.


In a football heavy schedule, secondary school has helped Gabe sample other sports. He’s been learning the rudiments of rugby in PE lessons. In his first game, he scored a try, but understandably he was prouder still of having made a tackle in his second outing. He plays table-tennis with pals at break and is working hard on a top-spin smash. He has also completed a cross-country run at school, coming 10th of his year of 90 boys. Not bad for an asthmatic titch.


With Eliza at early morning orchestra practice, only Robin needed walking to school. Three minutes from home and I realised we had both left his lunchbox by the door. ‘Let’s run back’, I said. Lunchbox recovered, we set off again running – to recover our lost time, I thought. But Robin decided he wanted to see if he could run all the way to school. Trotting at an even pace, allowing me to walk quickly in my work shoes and suit, he made it all the way to the playground, which was empty so much time we had caught up.


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