Narrator 1


Robin volunteered for and was given the role of narrator for his school nativity play. It weighed heavily on him. He was unhappy and grumpy about it. Why had he volunteered, I asked. Because he thought he would get to use a microphone. He didn’t think he could remember the words, then he was concerned he wouldn’t know when to stand up to make his narration parts. But each rehearsal and then the performances, he conceded, were fine. Except the last one, when he had stood up at the wrong time.


The modern languages department arranged a trip to Europe for year 7, which would involve no language other than English being spoken. I took Gabe to meet the coach at 4.30am on a Sunday and he came back the following Tuesday night. The group visited markets in Lille and Bruges, went bowling and ice-skating. Gabe endured a fear of the Channel Tunnel and terrible food. He loved the experience, the bonding with friends and, I imagine, the step up it represents.


Eliza’s run-up to Christmas was dominated by orchestra and present preparations. With early morning practices and diligent rehearsal at home she took the Christmas concert in her stride. Present buying was equally well coped with. Gifts for family acquired since November and presents for three friends with whom she is forming a group selected confidently.


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