Star of the term


Gabe’s strong start to his secondary school career was marked by his selection as his form’s ‘Star of the Term’. It’s not clear if this is earned by academic achievement, but Gabe has impressed with that as well as his sports. He has also been selected for a spelling bee in competition – in French. He’s keener for help practising his numbers, colours and greetings than he has been with anything he has ever had to learn.


Eliza has a new favourite author: Jacqueline Wilson. She reads her stories of abandoned children, drunken mothers and runaway fathers with the same relish and unsentimentality as she did Michael Morpurgo’s tales of world events separating loved ones from each other.


Robin has made his debut on the rugby field, attending a practice session at our local club. There was snow on the ground, but the coaches ran such an intense session of bulldog and tag rugby that the boys were taking off the layers their parents had insisted they wore. They finished the practice jogging single file, chanting to the club-house where they were supplied with orange squash and sausages in rolls. Robin wants more – of the rugby and sausages.


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