In concert

Gabe and Eliza

Gabe and Eliza joined twenty other of their music teacher’s students for a concert in a local church hall. Eliza played a solo piece on violin. On an afternoon of scratchy, discordant strings, Eliza hit her notes well. Later, Eliza’s tiny frame in front of the grand piano, gave a compelling contrast. Again, she played her piece calmly and tunefully. The compliments she received are fair reward for the practice she has done.

Gabe played a complex piano piece with shifting tempos that he mastered. He also had a correct, upright posture, which I hadn’t noticed before. At the interval, his teacher came over to me and complimented him for pulling off the tricky parts that they had worked on. She said he was one of the pupils who made her feel her work was having some effect.


Robin sat with me at the concert. He clamped his hands to his ears during the string performances. At home he runs from the room, and complains loudly, when Eliza begins violin practice. Robin has said he wants to learn to play the piano, but at the concert he said he would prefer to learn to play guitar. It will be interesting to see what happens – will he do what he sees his brother and sister have done, or strike out and do something different?


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