Fisical club


Robin has created a club, which has four members: him, Eliza, L and me. The Fisical Club run marathons and dance. The club also has a chant – about running marathons and dancing. Robin and I did the first marathon, which involved running around the perimeter of every room in the house in turn.


Eliza has fallen under the spell of the Harry Potter books. She’s reading her way through Gabe’s copies, which are so well-thumbed turning the pages can defeat my fumbling fingers. Eliza is reading them avidly, completing the books at the rate of one volume per week.


If television and play-station are out of reach in the evening, Gabe is showing a preference for a Countdown game he was given for Christmas, which has the TV show’s ticking clock. So far, I’ve staved off defeat, although he’s closing the gap on the letters game and was already strong at numbers. Neither of us has worked out a conundrum.


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