Crazy hair/own clothes day

The country’s co-ordinated day of giving to the less fortunate finds expression at our schools with relaxation, at a price, in uniform rules.


The infant school encouraged its pupils to come with crazy hair. The boys entered more fully into the spirit with coloured hair and gel shaped mohawks quite common.

Robin’s hair-do was unique. Its style mimicked the Prodigy. Eliza and L jointly made 16 little ponytails across his head. Passers-by stared on the walk to school and his classmates told each other to look at Robin in the playground.


Eliza was allowed to wear her own clothes to school. A red dress and sparkly tights were striking. She carried her uniform in a bag for that evening she was taking part in a contest as part of the school orchestra and recorder group. Both outfits won, although the opposition was thin.


Own clothes meant anxiety for Gabe that he may wear something that would make him distinctive. He worked his mobile hard before leaving for school. A text came in saying that one friend wasn’t wearing chinos. The permission to wear a hoodie wasn’t clarified definitively, but he took the chance anyway.



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