Teeth – wobbly and crooked

All three kids are at the age of shedding milk teeth and growing the big ones. Yet months go by without any dental development. Then a month like this.


Gabe announced a wobbly tooth. Within days he could lift it with his tongue and feel the serrated edge of its underside. But it stayed put with a single strand of root for two weeks. Gabe was too squeamish to apply the definitive pull, put provided regular updates. Its time did arrive and there was much relief. A few days later, biting into an Easter goody, another tooth fell out, this one had not even been introduced as wobbly or made the subject of discussions about how long teeth take to fall out.


Robin chipped one of his front top teeth years ago. Playing football in the garden, he extracted it when volleying the ball he ducked his head, followed through with leg and foot, smashing his knee into his mouth. It has created a gap apparently the width of several teeth and gives him a rascally look that suits well.


Eliza has two front teeth too big for her mouth. Short on space they’re attempting a cross-over manoeuvre. It’s very clearly one of my genetic gifts to her.


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