The first dozen


Gabe’s 12th birthday party was spent playing laser tag in the basement of an Oldham mill with 7 friends. He harvested money as gifts – at a rate of £10 per present.

The afternoon before his birthday he spent in school detention after his drama teacher apparently forgot a commitment to replace a script and punished Gabe for turning up at lessons twice without it.


Robin has taken hesitant steps towards music – learning the recorder, but not enjoying it; being ready to take over Gabe’s piano lessons should he quit. But he’s joined a new choir at school with a lot of enthusiasm.


Eliza has amused us with funny voices. She has a popular gravel-throated voice at odds with her diminutive self. She’s added a baby voice which says very little but “Noh, don’t cwy.”


2 responses to this post.

  1. Oh! The recorder! I can’t cope with the sound of that instrument!


  2. […] daft in class or whose family is rich. I do know from driving some of his friends back from his party that others are more interested. It was then, a revelation when L found out from a friend with a […]


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