Night and day in Yorkshire

Daytime in our Yorkshire holiday home was a delight. The vast garden and tennis court were the scene of cricket, football, badminton, mini-Olympics and many variants of tennis. The three sitting rooms hosted games, computer-use, TV viewing and lounging. The kitchen had a food supply to match its size.

Nighttime in our seventeenth century home was less appealing for the kids, who shared one large room. Robin was the first to show. He wanted to go home. But Gabe found sleeping there the hardest. He was up until midnight and awake again at 4am. This continued, though less extreme, through the week.

Eliza had bagged herself a bed slightly different to the boys. Less appealing I thought. But half-way through the week, it became the object of desire, with Gabe complaining late one evening about Eliza monopolising it. Just as an intractable battle was welling up, Eliza soared above the others’ bickering, declaring decisively, “Right, you have it and keep it for the rest of the week.”


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