Parents evening at secondary school


L attended Gabe’s first secondary school parents evening. 10 teachers in an hour and a half. And this is (some of) what they said:

  • the IT teacher pulled out a picture of Gabe smiling and said, “this is what I see in my class. I wish I had a class of Gabriels”. Two other teachers said they wanted a class of him.
  • the history teacher said she wished Gabe could look after his book, but she couldn’t fault his work. “He has a great history mind.”
  • his form teacher said that “by year 10 he’ll be known throughout the school”.
  • the art teacher really hoped he would carry on with her subject.
  • the maths teacher said he was very good, “but not arrogant. If someone in the class gives an answer Gabe knows is wrong, he sits quietly as though puzzling how they reached that answer.”
  • the design and technology teacher said he “is on the steepest trajectory” in the class.


Eliza had two days of assessments. On Wednesday she took a gymnastics grade, passing floor, beam, bars and vault and getting a merit overall for a score of 33/40.

The next day she took grade 1 piano. She has stuck to her practice schedule and was well prepared. Gabe tried helping her on the afternoon of the test, and effort that went awry and ended with him shouting and making her cry just before the test began. Her result is awaited.


Robin had a sleepless evening, coming downstairs four or five times claiming he couldn’t sleep. By mid-morning today, he said he was feeling sick and by mid-afternoon he had been sick. Five hours of throwing up and rushing to the toilet followed until he flaked out asleep.


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