Young hearts


Year 4 girl chat seems abuzz with who’s going out with, or fancies whom. ‘Going out with’, as L pointed out probably means ‘walked around the playground once with’. Eliza fully participates in the speculation but admits no fancies herself and brushes off talk of any fancying of her. Splendid isolation persists.


Gabe mentions girls at school only in the context of who said something daft in class or whose family is rich. I do know from driving some of his friends back from his party that others are more interested. It was then, a revelation when L found out from a friend with a daughter in Gabe’s class that he was the object of some young female interest. One girl had pestered the daughter of L’s friend, knowing that she was acquainted with his family, to get his home phone number. L’s friend declined and we were denied the chance of a special phone call (which we would probably have missed as the land-line phone is usually lost or out of charge).


Robin’s affections and emotions have been upset by the news that when he moves up to the junior school in September he won’t be in the same class as his best friend A. This wasn’t a surprise for Robin as he expected the new classes to be based on birth date. So when it was confirmed, Robin was phlegmatic. A few days later he admitted that he just couldn’t understand why A and he couldn’t be in the same class together.



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