Approaching school holiday


Robin wasn’t just approaching school holiday, but leaving infant school. Amongst the calendar heavy with school events, Robin wore a judge’s wig in one assembly and read what going to junior school would mean for him in another: “I am looking forward to playing on the enormous field and seeing my sister.”


Eliza was in performance over-drive. On one day she had a school assembly, heats for the Junior School’s got Talent show and grade 1 violin exam. Each seemed to have gone well, with her splits to end her dance group’s piece being well received and a pass achieved in her exam.


Gabe’s last week was off-timetable, with a series of activities, the most popular of which was pizza making (although Gabe was scathing of the insufficiency of tomato paste). He was anxious with the pressure of choosing clothes to wear each day. This was most pronounced on the morning of a trip to Oulton Park. L talked him out of wearing heavy tracksuit bottoms on a baking day. But he rejected the shorts in his cupboard, opting at the last moment for football shorts, which then brought the dilemma of how to carry money and a phone.


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