Commentary and replays


Playing a game with Robin, he’ll often pause the action so he can recreate the manoeuvre he’s just completed. Alongside his slow motion replay of the kick, save, hit or dive he’s essayed, there will be fragments of commentary, “did you see” ..”I whammed it”.. “with my foot over here”. I wonder if it’s something to do with the FIFA computer game where slow motion replays are at the player’s command.


Eliza has a funny self-deprecating act that she goes to when pretending to be annoyed. I think it stems from being told how she use to lose her temper when a toddler. She spins, while stamping and harrumphing in a high-pitched voice.


Gabe is enduring another period of bedtime fears. This seems to have arisen from him being sick – something he considers to be akin to being possessed – a few months ago. He starts worrying he is going to be sick, which makes him feel nauseous, which makes him anxious, which stops him going to sleep, which makes him more anxious. L has taken him to a GP to help him through it.


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