Internet shopping


Eliza saves up and finds the things she usually wants to buy – clothes – are bought for her. An MP3 player is a new departure. It’s a gadget that matches her activities: she’s self-possessed, reading, writing or creating and very often singing. L bought it for her and I collected it from Argus. She called me at work to find out when I would be home with it and she was waiting for me at the front-door. It’s pink and has a cheap fragile feel, but I hope it stays together long enough to repay Eliza’s investment.


Gabe played in the nets with a friend who had a fielding practice bat. Gabe’s kit obsession zeroed in on this object and he ordered one. It arrived while he was in London visiting cousins. He called me checking whether it had arrived. It may be a bit of a disappointment, not having the ping he thought it would provide.


Robin was required to wear some second hand trainers when his feet were seen to have grown at the start of the summer. But they haven’t fitted well and he got blisters. New bright orange trainers were bought on a school shoe shopping trip. So was a new City kit. Apparently it lacks a dark stripe featured on the senior kit. Gabe seems to be encouraging the idea of sewing on a piece of material to make it look more authentic.


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