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“Oh my!”


I can only guess what the language of the playground and form room is like at Gabe’s school. Occasionally, when angered, he gives us a clue, uttering a four-letter word. But his preferred exclamation of shock or disappointment, is the entirely neutral and probably unfinished, “Oh my!”


Robin has taken on Gabe’s exclamation. It’s one of the positive imitations of his older brother – ranked with reading and cricket. It’s timely, too, as some scribbled note of his was uncovered by L that featured the word ‘fuk’. He didn’t know what it meant, but knows we don’t want him using it.


Eliza brought home the elizaphant. A grey papier-mache and toilet role construction, it is the finest model to make it’s way back from school and the first that won’t be recycled the moment it would stop being indecently hasty to do so.



“When you talk you think people know what you’re thinking, but we don’t,” Eliza said to Robin. It was her reaction to the imprecision of a lot of Robin’s chat; the kind that seems to start two-thirds of the way through an explanation or question.

My reaction is a little different. “Thingy” is Robin’s crutch word, that he leans on when he hasn’t found the word he wants. I’m trying to ease that crutch away. My tactic is to assume and convey to him that I think he means “willy” whenever he says “thingy”. Don’t know if it will work, but it does make him laugh.


Eliza had a camera for a Christmas present two or three years ago. She hasn’t really made as much use of it as we expected, although the images aren’t of a very good quality. This week, though, she’s been using it to make short animated stories, taking shots of inanimate objects moved slightly and then tabbing quickly through the shots. Her masterpiece involved L and I holding two soft toys (Flopsy the rabbit and Snowy the owl) in a series of poses as she directed us through Snowy being shot, then found and saved by Flopsy.


A busy week for Gabe’s fears. A trip to London brought on agonies about being sick on the train. He wasn’t. Something said in class led to terror of the world being sucked into a black hole. Several rational, calm discussions with L and me seemed to make no difference. But the wikipedia article on black holes reduced the tension. And he wasn’t (sucked into a black hole).

Ailments and remedies

Gabe had a stomach upset that lingered and hindered him for almost a week. At its peak he was too poorly for school. Inert during the day, he fretted and was unsettled at night. L and I each spent time with him in the middle of the night, leaving us tired and impressing on him that he needed to get himself back to sleep.

So, one night at the end of the week, woken by his bad stomach, Gabe went into Robin’s room, woke him up and told him to come back to his room to keep him company. Robin obeyed and spent the night in bed a reassuring presence for Gabe.

Robin explained that he thought Gabe had chosen him because he is such a good hugger.

Eliza had an ailment too: an infection of her left index finger, which went swollen and hard. As well as the pain, it left Eliza unable to play her musical instruments. The doctor offered to lance the swelling, but Eliza chose the foul tasting antibiotic instead. After a couple of days the swelling went prune-like, the outer layer of skin fell off and Eliza was back to recorder and violin.