“Oh my!”


I can only guess what the language of the playground and form room is like at Gabe’s school. Occasionally, when angered, he gives us a clue, uttering a four-letter word. But his preferred exclamation of shock or disappointment, is the entirely neutral and probably unfinished, “Oh my!”


Robin has taken on Gabe’s exclamation. It’s one of the positive imitations of his older brother – ranked with reading and cricket. It’s timely, too, as some scribbled note of his was uncovered by L that featured the word ‘fuk’. He didn’t know what it meant, but knows we don’t want him using it.


Eliza brought home the elizaphant. A grey papier-mache and toilet role construction, it is the finest model to make it’s way back from school and the first that won’t be recycled the moment it would stop being indecently hasty to do so.


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