County nets


Gabe has had his first visit to the advanced county cricket nets. He became increasingly anxious in the build up – that he wouldn’t be good enough, that he wouldn’t be wearing the right clothes. In the car on the way there he said he didn’t want to go and did he have to? But into the sports hall he went.

For two hours I had only fleeting glimpses of him through the glazed panel of a door, as the venue had no viewing facility. Out he came and I resisted the need to know how it went and asked if he was hungry, cold, tired. But within a couple of minutes, he said “That was fun,” and went on to talk about the shots he played, how he had swung the ball and how the coach had turned the net practice into a game.


Robin has made it into the school choir. After several weeks practice, he gave his first performance at a local church. L attended and found him sitting in the front row. He sang heartily but fidgeted and fiddled throughout the concert, not yet having that self-control expected of choristers – especially those in the front row.


Eliza is counting down the days (eight, now) until her birthday. She found cause for a little regret this evening. No-one would believe she was ten, when next week she attains double-figures, she said, because she’s so small.


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