Disco pyjama party


Eliza’s 10th birthday was celebrated with a disco onesie/pyjama party jointly with a friend. There were 16 girls and three boys. The disco was supplied by the friend’s Dad. The only dancing was a competition between two teams to make up and perform a routine, which they all did remarkably well given they had only 15 minutes to organise themselves. Games and a pizza-heavy tea filled the two hours. Back at home, Eliza opened her presents, which were predominantly beauty products of one sort or another.


Gabe brought home a letter from school telling us he is gifted and talented. The effect was dulled a little by the mass-produced format of the letter, a couple of paragraphs followed by a list of subjects with boxes ticked to indicate where gifts and talents lie. In Gabe’s case, he is highly regarded in Maths, Science, History and Modern Foreign Languages. The school commits to stretching him in those subjects.


Beside Robin’s bed are piles of books folded open with spines bent. These are the books that Robin has started, but lost interest in. There are lots of them. He’s a strong reader, but not always a committed one. I put this down in part to his eagerness, with older siblings as an example, to leave behind picture books, to read the books Gabe and Eliza enthuse about. But he struggles with them, occasionally forcing himself to read to the end, but often discarding the book. This week, though, he’s found a book he really likes and will, I think, finish: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


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