Smith come dancing

Eliza announced there would be a dancing competition: her and me against L and Robin. She planned moves and nagged the rest of us to get practising. Our routine featured three lifts – which are I’m sure the reason she likes to dance with me – some dance steps (cha, cha, cha, waltz, etc) and lots of her doing gymnastics moves and me prancing about. L and Robin made good use of props, incorporating an American football and hula-hoop into their routine. There were no judges and we praised each others’ efforts.

A few days earlier, in a return to their deadly duo days, Eliza and Robin had worked on a routine together. This time Robin did the lifts and they performed synchronised forward rolls and cartwheels. They engage in this immersive play together less frequently, which makes it all the more cherishable.


I went to my first parents evening at the grammar school. From science to history, art to maths, Gabe’s teachers praised him for his attainment and his enthusiasm. The most gushing was the French teacher, who described him as being a step ahead of whatever was being taught and even at this stage, could clearly seem him as an A Level student. My final head-to-head was with the Technology (Cookery) teacher. Her comments were revealing. She identified that Gabe lacks the confidence to carry out activities unless given precise instructions. She cautioned that this inability to, as she put it, think in a third dimension, would harm his prospects in other studies as he got older. Although the least complimentary, it was also the most helpful comment of the evening.


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  1. […] or engagement. Over half-way through year two and there haven’t been any – although he continues to perform well. Then his year two duck was broken last week, with a card from his drama-dance teacher praising […]


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