Embracing failure


Gabe’s identification by the school as ‘gifted and talented‘ is beginning to lead to changes in his education. He has been invited to learn Arabic. He was also invited to attend a speech by an ex-basketball player, turned psychologist. The audience was challenged to set themselves stretching targets beyond the curriculum (something Gabe had dismissed in a chat with me recently), learn from strangers and look upon failure as being the step towards learning something new. Gabe responded positively to the talk. I hope he can put it into practice.


I have had another bout of pet lobbying from Robin and particularly, Eliza. She wants “a white rabbit, the size of her fist, with one ear up and one down, with a twitchy nose, but not red eyes – as they’re evil!” It’s a funny pitch and one that’s hard to resist.


Running an under 12 indoor cricket match at half-term I found myself a player short. I thought of playing Gabe as an over-age player, but offered a game to Robin. He accepted, but was anxious in the build-up – even though he knows a lot of the team from school and sports club. But he performed admirably, playing some nice shots, only being dismissed once and bowling straight – recording a wicket maiden in his second over. Gabe came to watch – only he didn’t: leaving the hall when Robin was to bat because he found it too stressful.


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